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"My Kibbutz Life"

Private Kibbutz Tour with Elad Shippony

Join Elad Shippony, creator of “The Wandering Israeli” stage show, on a private kibbutz tour of his home, Kibbutz Magal, and a neighboring Arab village. It’ll be your most non-touristic and unforgettable experience in Israel.

Hi! I'm Elad. I love Israel. And I love to share Israel with the world! Any which way I can.

In 2004 I created the “The Wandering Israeli” stage show. It’s based on my travel stories with a special Israeli twist and a resonating love of Israel. I have traveled the world with this show, performed it over 600 times in English, Spanish and Hebrew and regularly at the Cameri, Israel’s National Theater in Tel Aviv.

And what do I do while I’m off-stage? 

Same thing.

Can’t seem to help it. Somehow, I’m always trying to show people how much good is happening here. And how it’s all so different from what the world is being told. 

And thus my stage life and my real life are intertwined.


On stage we wander together along the pathways of our imagination with “The Wandering Israeli - A Musical Travel Journal”. And offstage we carry on along the paths of my real life with “The Wandering Israeli - My Kibbutz Life” - a private Kibbutz tour.

Just 40 minutes north of Tel Aviv, my home, Kibbutz Magal, is far off the beaten tourist track. 

The Kibbutz is what I consider to be a human nature reserve.


I live in a type of community that exists nowhere else in the world. Kids roaming freely and people smiling as you pass them by. The communal dining hall where the hearty serving of lively chatter is served fresh daily. There’s an animal center for the treatment of disabled children, and the “Netafim” factory for irrigation equipment that has literally changed the face of this earth with it’s genius dripping system. World-renowned olive oil is manufactured from olives grown in the groves surrounding the Kibbutz, as are the biggest and most succulent almonds. 

This is where I live! And there is so much more.


There’s a gallery and arts center where pottery and painting workshops are held regularly. And, a stable where horseback riding excursions can be arranged.

And of course, there are our Arab neighbors. You can’t understand the Kibbutz, you can’t understand Israel, without joining me for a stroll down the alleys of our neighboring Arab village. Falafel is a must, especially at the stand that’s right next to the “Wall”. 

I'm often asked, "Is it safe?" Let's say that at least once a week I visit (and often one of my girls will tag along).  I speak fluent Arabic (English, Hebrew and Spanish).

And finally, if you’re still hungry, and even if you're not... We’ll probably stop at my favorite food stall (known only to us locals) to get a “Sabich” - the best in Israel. And if you don’t know what a “Sabich” is, well, it’s like taking a bite out of a cloud. 

Although I could fill up days on end showing you my home on this Kibbutz tour, a few hours together on my Kibbutz and in the surrounding area will give you a taste of Israel you won’t experience anywhere else! And it’ll give me a chance to meet you and share some more of that love I have for the place I choose to call home.

When I'm performing, I normally don't get an opportunity to really meet the people who have just been "Wandering" with me while on stage. So, for me an opportunity to meet you is just as special. 

How do you book a private Kibbutz tour?

Contact me.


You’ll need a car to get here (40 minutes North of Tel Aviv and an hour from Jerusalem). But, if you don't have a car and you're keen on taking a 30 minute train ride from Tel Aviv, I’ll pick you up at a nearby train station.


Normally, my private Kibbutz tour is for individuals and groups up to five people. If you’ve got a few more people in your group (not too many because I prefer to host smaller groups), we’ll work it out.


If you are part of a larger group (50+), we can always arrange a show and Kibbutz tour for a full on "Wandering Israeli" experience.

What's included in this special Kibbutz tour?

The tour is normally up to 3 hours, but you may have to stop me if you're in a hurry. There’s so much to experience here and every visit is different depending on the time of day, the season and what sort of mood we’re in. 

Here's a list of some of the things we'll probably be doing:

  • A tour of the Kibbutz and surrounding area

  • Lunch at the communal dining hall (if you’re here during lunchtime)

  • A visit to the “Netafim” plant and greenhouse park

  • A visit to the “Masik” olive oil visitor center

  • A visit to the “Tlamim” animal center

  • A visit to our neighboring Arab villages - Jat and/or Bakaa al Gharbia

  • A host that is very excited to be sharing with you his home.

So, if you’ve made (or are planning to make) the long journey to see Israel, join me for an unforgettable day where you’ll not only see a part of the real Israel, you'll also experience an Israel that many don't even know about.


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