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The Wanderng Israeli | English Theater in Jerusalem
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English Theater in Jerusalem!

Showtimes and Tickets for The Wandering Israeli at the Khan Theater in Jerusalem

An exquisite evening of English theater in Jerusalem! With over 600 shows worldwide and a 5-star ranking on both TripAdvisor and Facebook (reviews below), The Wandering Israeli is a not-to-miss experience for visitors to Jerusalem / local English-speakers eager to get a high-energy, original and witty glimpse into modern-day Israeli culture. Don't miss the chance to experience an Israel you won't see anywhere else and enjoy English theater in Israel at Jerusalem's historic Khan Theater.

General Admission: ₪100
(Click here if you prefer to purchase in USD: $28)

The Wandering Israeli is showcased regularly at the historic Khan Theater, located near the Jerusalem Railway Station. The theater was built on the ruins of an ancient inn from the Crusader period and served caravan travelers who arrived in Jerusalem after nightfall when the gates of the Old City were locked.


Outside the halls is the enchanting courtyard of the 19th century ancient building. The courtyard connects the entrance through the stone arch that has become the hallmark of the theater, the box office, the theater offices, the restaurant and the cafe.


The Wandering Israeli is Israel's only regular-running English-language stage show in Jerusalem, combining a special mix of theater in English, storytelling, live music and a refreshing dose of humor. The show is based on a true story.

English Theater in Jerusalem | Khan Theater | The Wandering Israeli
English Theater in Jerusalem | Khan Theater | The Wandering Israeli
The Wandering Israeli Stage Show in English - A Far-Out Israeli Adventure Based on a True Story
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